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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. right now protestors are back out on the streets tonight of san francisco marking the one year anniversary of the beginning of the occupy movement and calling for an end to what they call economic inequality. allen woping is in the city financial district right now. allen sounds like
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quite a police presence out there as well. >>reporter: yes. just moments ago about 100 protestors demonstrating behind me but they have sense moved on and here at the plaza right now at sacramento and kearnyy street in front of the wells fargo bank where the protest came to stop and settled in for jaws few hours. but before that a parade of more than 300 demonstrators marched through the financial district starting around 5:00 o'clock this evening. just in time to affect rush hour traffic. convoy of police vehicle follow them through the streets but they didn't stop the demonstration. after occupying the downtown block demonstrators lit money on fire and tore up the debt in symbolic rebellion against the bank revving to help homeowner on the brisk of foreclosure. 90 san francisco police officers in riot gear stood in front of the wells fargo bank but allow the burning to take place. main concern was 2 gallon caper of gasoline that
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somebody was toting around. occupy movement began one year ago today and while it seems to have fizzled organizers say they have been quietly pressuring bank to work with people who are on the brink of foreclosure. many homeowner say the banks unwilling to work out a payment plan. >> being up realistic about the economy. if they were to help all of us the economy would turn around. this the is a lot of bull come out. >>reporter: unlike other protests this one appears to be more focused on the bank and what they say is lack of will for those bank to cooperate with homeowner also. now tonight on 7 news at 11:00, we talk to more protestors even a banker who is observing the demonstration. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. for now reporting live in the financial district of san francisco. back to you dan. >> okay allen thanks very much. jewish tradition there is a strong command against loaning
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money for interest. >> we call it occupy rosh shan 8. in berkeley members of the jewish content gentlemen mark the new year saying the bank force borrowers from the homes. group says this holiday is appropriate for the demonstration since the day business liberation and renewal against oppression. >> in new york. the city where the occupy movement began, police arrested nearly 200 people during protests there today. [ yelling] occupy wall street demonstrators mark on the new york stock exchange hoping to form a human wall around the be but didn't work. police officers in riot gear was able to keep the entrances open so people could get to work. few hundred people join the protest today far fewer than the thousands whose rallied a year ago. moving open to other news. somber vigil in san francisco this the evening to remember ambassador chris stevens. he
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was killed last we can when the u.s. consulate was attacked in benghazi libya. ambassador stevens graduated from san francisco school of law. students held a vigil in his memory. >> doesn't matter whether we were burn when he attended hastings. he knows everything about it. he talked the same corridor. sat in the same classroom. may that he had the same professors and we are connected to this person. he was a great person. great person to be connected to. >>reporter: u.s. government believes stevens died of smoke inhalation from the fires set on the compound. lybian say he was found alive. u.s. is still investigating act exactly what happened. they say extremist turned anti-film protest into an assault. al qaeda has said it was a revenge attack. p.m. and the video sparked
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another massive rally in lebanon. leader of hezbollah is asking world government to block access to web sites showing the film. he disnot appear in public fear of assassinated and rally held in other nations as well. where did the outrage begin. you tube video virtually unknown. both here and abroad until newscast terse in the middle east spread the word. we track down the man who helped unleash this fury. >>reporter: this was the moment on his program days before the protest the here and around the globe. when he showed scenes from the anti-islam film he then told viewers of his talk show it was very important to defend their faith. so we went in search of him today. finding him at the studio. today he says he is shocked at the fury sparked by
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the movie. he said he was never inciting violence and deemployers it. across the region today there are differences in how the main stream and religious media are covering the story of the film and protest. just few days ago news about the movie made head liens here but today if we take this newspaper that story has been replaced by this one. reject diplomacy of marines but another newspaper which is more religious has this slowingen that says defend the proper mohammad. but read closer and both the religious newspaper and main stream media are now encouraging non-violent demonstrations. while demanding the u.s. government introduce a law to stop defamation of islam. as for the person among the first to show scenes of the film he says rage aimed at the u.s. which is simmering for years when the
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people here saw the movie that anger simply boiled over. he has no regret he tells us t.the he hadn't shown the movie agai again. abc news, cairo. now the family of a filmmaker linked to the anti-islamic movie in hiding after leaving their southern california home. the relatives left the home early this morning. deputy gave them aride and i do renoted and taken to undisclosed location. federal authorities identified him as the key figure behind the film innocence of muslims. he was interviewed by probation officers reviewing 2010 case convicted of bank fraud. well after less than two years as top cop san jose police chief says he's retiring from the force. chris moore has overseen the department facing severe budget cuts and layoffs at the same time the violent crime rate has soared in his city. we have more now
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from san jose. >> this is my decision. tell you up front. not forced into it by any means at tall. >>reporter: mounting challenges and ongoing criticism, san jose police chief moore told us this was his idea alone. his department trys to fight a spike in violent crime with dwindling fixes. >> if i think about the facts leading up to it. >> elephant in the room? there's no confidence in city hall. they are not going to change their way. it's going to be like this for the next two years. >> chief did his analysis on personal basis and he's made the decision. it's his decisio decision. i'm sorry to see him go. >>reporter: violent crime including 8 murders in left august. number have declined dramatically and laying off 65 officers moore has sean 100 more retire or resign in the
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past year. now city manager deborah has opening for police chief. >> i'm going to cast the net wildly to make sure we get the best fit for the city and that's the best fit for the individual. 2 way street when you get to positions hike these. >>reporter: mean time with 400 fewer office officers and 4 years ago the san jose police reunion worries about support with serious crimes going up 57 percent. 5 minutes or more in some cases. >> so a woman beaten by her husband. it's going to take us another 7 to 8 minutes to get to that call. >>reporter: now moore decision comes just weeks after the city council here decided not to pursue sales tax measure on the november ballot that would provide more money for police service. also comes just one day before the same city council set to hold a study session on how to better manage the city growing crime problem n.san jose, abc 7 news.
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authorities have bust add huge pot farm growing in a corp field. state officials raided the farm near elk grove off interstate 5 early this mornin morning. 1500 plot plants discover in orange and helicopter was brought in to operator. it was there in a barn. 17 people arrested. drug agent investigating the growing operation for a month now. and they first spotted the farm by helicopter. they moved in today. coming up. training course here in the bay area is helping to save lives all around the world as we continue here look inside unique program l that brings together dngtors from war torn nations and small tribes. air scare on freight to san francisco. what happened that made the pilot last his cool sf l. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. accu-weather forecast center. cool start to the final start
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>> passengers on 2 planes including one from san francisco to new york city were grounded today after an anonymous phone call claimed
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that explosives were on board. both american air lanes flight 24 and fin air jet stayed on the taxi way at the airport in new york. american airlines pilot got frustrated with air traffic controllers as they gave him very little information. >> yes how come we are sitting out here? >> yes, i was instructed by the tower supervisor to hold new that position and they are talking on the phone. i'll call you as soon as i have some information. >> okay we are surrounded by emergency vehicle. there's a reason for this. somebody has to give us the reason or we are going to evacuate the aircraft. you have 60 seconds. >> planes were searched and nothing was found. >> medical expertise being shared here in the bay area this week could soon be saving lives all around the world. it is part of president obama that trains surgeon in technique that are as practical as advanced. health science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. >>reporter: surgeon crowded that the training suite at san francisco general hospital
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trauma institute has sean far more than their fair share of violent wawndz. at his clinic in afghanistan dr. head trets victim injured by everything from car accidents to roadside bombs. war victims and we are receiving mostly war victims. >>reporter: he and 60 others from around the world use this >> to manage the wounds as best as possible and eventually close them these people need to have what we call flaps. mean you take some tissue from someplace and you bring it to cover a problem somewhere else. >>reporter: we met uc sf surgeon last year preparing for series of stories in the west africa can nation where he trained doctors open site. but he says the model of bringing surgeon from the develop world to central location many my tie the affect of the teaching >> a
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lot of the attendee here are the equivalent of university professors back home so they have students of their own and colleague and there's multiplier effect where they go back home and they teach what they have learned. >> this class 62 surge on from 17 country is the largest in the project history. instructors from several california hospital including stanford also volunteer to help with the courses. we are lipted by our space at this point. i think that what we try to change each year is really the program itself to make it exactly what they can take back and use in their country. >>reporter: doctor it moons treating victims of car accidents that is epidemic as parts of africa grow and new road built. he says the toll is of higher than infectious disease. >> amount of people die from malaria and from injuries almost equal.
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>>reporter: course runs 3 indicates. most surge on will be returning home this wednesday bringing new skills to areas that desperately need them >> gives us great pleasure. teach them things to bring back and use medley. >> carry listen johnson reporting. the program is officially known as the institute for global orthopedic and trauma total ji. started nearly 6 years ago by uc sf. so far it hats trained hundreds of surge on the worldwide. take the technique and take them back to their respective country. able to help patients. >> well spencer is here with the forecast. you reminded us earlier this is the last week of summer. >> it indeed. fall officially arrives saturday morning at 7:49. >> what happened to summer. went by like that. zip by. time racing by. it has wings. here's a live view from our high definition east bay camera emeryville back to san francisco and bay bridge in the
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view. the you can see evidence of fog at the coast. beginning to push locally out of the bay right now and expect to make greater push overnight. here is live doppler low clouds fog up against the coast line right now but not much has pushed into the inland area yet but will some sports overnight. temperatures mainly in the 50's but we have 60 degrees near fairfeld concord and 67 at antioch. highlights are these. turning cloudy overnight cooler than average temperature next couple days. autumn arrived saturday morning at 7:49. upper level low developing offshore that is contributing to the little cooling trend we are experiencing right now. temperatures will remain below average for the next couple days and perhaps even beyond and under the influence of that low. overnight tonight low clouds fog pushing inland. still have a range of low pressure very familiar. last
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couple week cooler north bay valley where it's mid upper 40's. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning is low clouds fog burning back to the coast then away from the coast. we have assign day from coast inland and mild in our inland location and mild in someplace around the bay as well. cool on the coast with high in the 50's. in the south by skies sunny. see high mainly in the mid 70's. 75 cupertino and san jose loom for high of 67. if 72 at mountain view on the coast 59 half moon bay downtown san francisco high of 62 tomorrow. 59 in the sun set district. up in the north bay high will be mainly in the low to mid 70's. santa rosa mid to up every 80's up at ukiah highs of 67 in oakland. 71 newark.
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74 fremont. inland east bay warmer than that but not the usual. mainly upper 70's walnut creek. livermore and near moptd ray bay high of 68 watching 70 at santa cruz inland low 80 at morgan hill. here's the forecast. week of pleasant weather. mainly sunny skies. inland high in the low mid 80's through the than of the week and low 70's around the bay. upper 50's to 60 on the coast. warm-up few degrees on saturday but cool right back down on second day of fall. rather steady pattern us with just minor fluctuation. >> will feel like fall. >> will indeed. >>reporter: thanks very much. hitting parents against teachers and kids caught in the middle. kid free happy hour middle. kid free happy hour dispute just add.
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president really campaigning presi[ male announcer ]gning citibank's app for ipad
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>> tomorrow is now the better chance to end the week long teacher strike in chicago. that's when the union will vote whether to lift the walk out. the strike entered the second week today. attorneys for the city of chicago asked illinois state judge to issue an injunction that would order teachers back to work. the judge delayed a hearing on that issue until wed. now the city claims the strike endangering hundreds of thus of students. hinges on new system of job security issues. then this. restaurant in brooklyn has banned a kid after 4:00 p.m. so that teachers can have a
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drink in piece. it's a curfew for children but owners pushed it up 3 hours. several schools near the park and teachers frequent customers at the restaurant. >> i don't see any ron why the children should be here past 4 or 5:00 o'clock. they should be home having dinner with their florida. teachers deserve to be normal people to too. >> this neighborhood is mostly people with kids. we don't have things like this around here so i think it's a little harsh to make kids leave at 4:00 o'clock. >>reporter: parents are hoping the restaurant reconsiders this new curfew policy. more to bring you tonight. big play in nevada coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. conservative group weigh ins with 1 million dollar ad campaign in sort support of mitt romney. so are the commercials playing fast and loose with the facts? it's a fact check come up. >> new assessment what can happen when a big chain store
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like wall net comes to town and affects the local economy. >> in all a day work. apple.
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>> politic now. mitt romney dealing with new political headache tonight. video clip surfaced showing him telling wealthy donors 47 percent of americans are government free loaders. tonight romney tells impromptu news conference to try to clarify what he said and what he meant. here's news reporter karen l. >> just as mitt romney campaign was hoping to hit the reset button new video out tonight may complicate the message. mother jones a left leaning magazine posted the clip of what they say is romney talking to do nor at fund raise they are year and talking point are very different than what voters
9:30 pm
are used to hearing from him on the trail. >> there are 47 percent of the people who have vote the president. 47 percent who are with him who are depend on government who believe that they are victims. who believe the government has the responsibility to customer for them. who believe they are entitled to health care to food to housing. you name it. entitlement. the government should give to it them they will vote for the president no matter what. >>reporter: left leaping magazine post the clip not full remark of what she say is him talking to donor early this year. >> every 4 years. so my job is not to worry about those -- care for the lives i have to cop vince the 5 to 10 percent in the federer that are independent. >> obama campaign pounced saying it's shock that go candidate for president of the united states would go behind closed doors and declare to group of wealthy donors that
9:31 pm
half the american people view them svlts as victims. tonight romney held impromptu press conference in california to respond. >> the president believes what i describe as government centered society. it's not elegantly stated let me put it that way. speaking off the cuff in rae response to question and i'm sure could i state it more clearly and in a more effective way. >>reporter: abc news washington. state of nevada is considered swing state in the fall election and tonight a pro romney group is spending more 1 million dollars there on television adds suggesting the pretty mom is against nevada no. 1 industry. your voice your vote. political reporter mark matthews has abc news packet check. >> the president own word suggested he's down on vegas. after game bling your money on failed stimulus president obama said don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas. >> add says the president doesn't get it. in nevada
9:32 pm
tourism means jobs. here's what the president really said in that speech from 2010. >> when teams are tough, you tighten your belt. you don't go big a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas trying to save for college. you prioritize. make tough choices. time your government did the same. >> that was the president speaking about the need to reduce the federal deficit. here's how it is playing in the cross roads ads. >> under obama nearly 62,000 fewer nevada jobs. home value gone. worst this could be your jobs lost but as nevada struggle 0back a will below a bunch. >> responsible for the content of this advertising. >> cross roads xwchl p s part of introduced by karl rove. organization spends 900,000 dollars for 10 days. 400,000
9:33 pm
$on span i are language version of the ads. cross roads gps refuses to disclose the donors under the law isn't ride to do so. 7 news. >> now our partner at fact have complete analysis of the ad you can find under the site on tv link at the top of the punl. we fact check ads from both contains as they come in and closer to election day in november. >> south bay family looking to turn a tragedy into something positive forever the neighborhood. memorial is agreeing outside the den family home in san jose. last friday 8-year-old matthew den drove his small electric pocket bike into the street. he was hit by a passing truck and sadly killed. police not charged the driver or the speed that may have been a factor here. >>reporter: neighbors say cars often speed along the street and not fall from l atomic to
9:34 pm
the country with something that they would let us. put a sign or speed bump f.they don't pay it our family will pay for it. they will use the money donated for mav you to pay open their street. investigators looking for retired fan san francisco firefighters rate now. 69-year-old charles do you do has been miting since a trip. the family means he may have become oriented. there she is. she was taken to the train to chicago and planned to travel on to id but he was concerned with with amtrak con dumptor overnight thursday. >> he's agile and wonderful man and he doesn't, he deserves to be lost. >>reporter: the family is concerned about his health and medical need. he left his
9:35 pm
medication on the lien long with luggage and tell cen. marin county officials voted to extend the contract with golden gate bridge district for bus service. they said it will save money and jobs. the new teal cuts service about 25% job is to save 1 million dollars a year. contractors pick up the slack. 30 employee lose their job but 130 would have been fired if she had not reupd with golden gate. san francisco whether to power the clean air program giving all their power from renewable sources we decide on 19 and half million dollar contract with shell energy north america to add mir the program it would be all time alternative to pg&e and give folks the option to fuel
9:36 pm
their home with solar and wind. similar program operaitng parts of marin county. perhaps in san francisco we shall see. in san francisco tonight moon time another round in the -- those big operation could have negative impact on small business. carolyn tyler has the story. >> there are just over 1100 stores in san francisco selling fresh food. most like this market are small independent businesses. but the target preparing to open in the met next month will sell food and those kind of big box chain stores make some honors of mom and pop grocery feel threatene threatened. >> if wal-mart come to san francisco you can kiss half of the independent in the city goodbye. >>reporter: new study businessed on the results of previous and contested data about wal-mart in chicago and
9:37 pm
new york, it's a dire forecast. city budget legislative analyst find if any l chain store selling food opens in a central location within two years 3-21 small grocery were closed. after 12 84 jobs would be lost. there is no estimate of how many new jobs might be created. supervisor eric mar requested the study. >> while this can certainly lead to fresh food it comes at the cost of small business. loss of job and labor standard. >>reporter: supervisor cohen says it's a balancing act for poorer neighborhood like those who she represents. >> we have some really service pronounced knee that is mom and pop stars wouldn't slowly be able to provide support for our neighbors. >>reporter: report presented at city hall today suggest the planning department would require economic analysis each time one wants to open. we
9:38 pm
believe that's just another unwanted layer of bureaucracy. you. >> we didn't need to have more protection. we have some control only over tonight what we have is good enough. >>reporter: series of proposal in the next few weeks in san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 news. tonight in after hours trading apple shares surpass 700 dollars for the first time. price boost comes as the company announce pre-orders for the 5 phone top 20024 hours. that's more than double the number pre-sold in a day. lines growing die hard fans camping out in new york city. many missed out on last week pre-order. apple says most phones will be delivered on friday. more to get to tonight. clint eastwood appearance is still the talk of the republican national convention.
9:39 pm
>> mriv obama sitting here. >> tonight you hear what he says about it now. why didn't he use a teleprompter and how h[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> gold medal snowboarder shawn white will not face assault charges after late night arrest but he will be charged with vandalism. white was arrested early sunday morning after police responded to a hotel fire alarm in nashville. witnesses white pulled the aharm that destroyed hotel phone. the hotel was evacuate evacuated. white tried to escape in a cab. another hotel guest tried to stop him but white kicked that man. after a chase white hit his head on a fence. witnesses to the whole thing say he smelled of alcoho alcohol. >> well it was the moment during the republican national
9:43 pm
convention that people are still talking about. and tonight the man in the center of it all clint eastwood is talking about it as well. nick spoke with clint eastwood. >> when did you decide on what were you going to do and how you were going to do. >> they were all looking at teleprompter i'm not very good at. that my i wouldn't have been able to read it any way. do you want to sit down i said no but put that next to the podium. >> really like. that kind of. >> yes kind of like. that i kind of thought i would do this odd ball thing. >> this weekend snl still poking fun. >> no no you good first. >> no you go first. kid. >> some people loved it some hated it some lampoon it. >> you are to love it or hate it. >> afterable eastd with talked about latest mavie trouble with the curve and the politic.
9:44 pm
>> i have mr. obama sitting here. >> poll suggest people remember your speech an not mitt romney. >> i didn't try to up stage anybody. >> you didn't know what were you going to say. i didn't know. i can't tell him to do. that can't do that to himself. >> dunk you went too far at al all. >> no. not really. any way everybody seemed to have a good time witness. that's all that matters. >> president obama says he's big fan of yours. >> that's his bad judgment. no actually he seems very charmin charming. >> most memorable convention moment in decades now indelible moment in american cultural history. abc news los angeles. certainly that. well make up is not just for women any more. more and more men are using it. up next. we take you to the male make up capitol you to the male make up capitol of the world
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>> for the first time chemotherapy is being used on a great 8 to ballots cancer. 8-year-old orangatan with lymphoma a treated with chemo drip at miami jungle island zoo. although too early to tell if the treatment is working the trainer says her girl is hanging in there. >> just like any cancer patient going true chemo is but she still has the twinkle in her eye and she still has the personality. >> peanut gets 6 doses of chemo 3 week apart if she can tolerate it. doctors say she has age on her side but they can't predict the outcome of course. orangatan share 96 percent of human genetic make
9:49 pm
up. wish her well. >> let's go back up date the forecast. as we almost reach fall experience is back with that. >> it's a few days away but tomorrow state wide is going to feel pretty summer lake. warm hot conditions chico sacramento fresno high of 95. palm springs high of 104. bay area it feels like fall is approaching. summer spread tomorrow high of 58. pacifica pretty cool. high of only 67 oakland which is not exactly warm either but farther inland hi of 84 that seems a bit more summer like. high jmly across the bay area tomorrow. it's cooler than average day this time of year with high in the upper 50's on the coast. 60's around the bay. 70's low 80's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. about 5 more days of this kind of pleasant and mild but below average late summer weather c coming our way then saturday fall arrives and temperature goes up 2 degrees. but bottom out on sunday with a drop in temperatures. pretty cool on sunday. >> pleasant mild below average.
9:50 pm
>> there you go. >> my academic career. >> thanks expense near sales of make up for men are sky rocketing in the socially conservativeve male dominated country. south korea has become the male make up capitol of the world. 500 million dollar industry expected to almost double this year. nation that once embraced the rugged look male beauty now considered a spark of social success. things begin to change in the late 1990's when the south korean government relaxed a ban on japanese cultural goods exposing south korean to different ideas on male beauty. many women apparently in south korea like the growing trend. saying they feel they have more to talk about with guys who use make up. >> which brings us to mr. beall. >> mock them but i'm a maybe ian man what can i say? >> wouldn't go on tv without i it. >> anywhere. in the middle of make up crisis. they
9:51 pm
discontinued my color. ladies know. >> you remember that. there was panic. >> world comes crashing down. giants try to inch closer to the crown. you make the call. sz.wford play6wfw"ñ"ñdqovookñññ
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>> we have continuing coverage of the occupy protest going on in san francisco right now. protestors set up and how police dealing with them. >> and just a phone. right. well, just tell that to these people. camping out for days before the new i-phone is released. those stories and more come up on 7 news at 11 oe over on channel 7. >> no one would have predicted this back in april but pro season tickets now on sale for the oakland a's. hundreds of fans lined up at the coliseum to buy tickets for possible wild card play off game for the american league division series. now the a's are baseball biggest surprise. they have the second best record in the american league despite having baseball second lowest payroll. money ball
9:55 pm
after all. >> it is. it's working. it is remarkable. open 10 game home stand tonight against colorado with magic number of 9. giants should clinch at home. open the scoring in the 3rd inning. pitch pass crawford who triple scores 1 nothing giants. rockies respond in the fifth. rutledge the opposite way to the gap in right center off madison. sports tied at 1. bottom 5. angel. slices it the other way. crawford test the arm of brown. mistake. crawford gunned down. by that much. still tied at 1. in the signature. penn base hit. sandoval the green light. mcbride coming up. cut the throw off. giants on top. 2-1 in the eighth. dodgers are idle tonight. only 2 games into the season so can't get too carried away but the 49ers
9:56 pm
look so impressive. beat 2 play off teams green bay and detroit. they look like the best team in the league right now. smith had the blood running down his nose couple touch down passes. 2 26 yard. he's playing at elite refusal will and has to be one of the best tackle team you ever see when he has shot. you are going down. tackle machine. harbaugh fired up getting set to visit minnesota next. >> go back to the way our ties played. the toughness the finish. the blocking. the tackle. most critical things that you need to win a tough bell ringing game like this. we are able to get it done. everybody has the plan and do what have they want to do and we come with our plan and you have to be ready to the adjust and i thought our guys even though they were good look for
9:57 pm
detroit we were able to shut down too. >> direct contrast there are the raiders. you wonder who can they beat this year? the only positive they had no problem with ball snapping in miami. everything else was lousy pretty much. look. we saw the forty-niner tackle. look at the raiders. bush. 3 guys miss and he broke 4 tackle on the play. 172 yards 2 touch down. offense is lost. mcfadden best player they have. no where with the new zone blocking. 11 carries for 22 yards in 35-13 loss. allen kept the players in for extra long film session today that felt like a horror movie. >> not a fun meeting. you don't want to have too many meetings like that with the whole team watching an ugly film but you have to do that to get better. >> we are not with we weren't to be as a football team. and we have to continue to work to get better that's exactly what
9:58 pm
we are going to do. learn from this one. we move on and get ready for pittsburgh. cold front tent we will get to where we need to get to but listen it's a work in progress. but that's what it is. well keep working. >>reporter: working tonight. falcons hosting the broncos. manning picked off three times in the first quarter. that by former thomas speaking of x cal bears gonzalez on receiving end for ryan for couple passes davis. still get up to dunk. falcons hold off a late broncos charge 27-21. college football stanford zoom up from 21 all the way to 9th in the new poll after they shock usc saturday night. 21-14. bullies from biology class. monster from mathematic. the giants from gee only try. held the trojan to only 26 yards rushing.
9:59 pm
cardinals idle this week. curry of the warriors busy on and off the court. he visited this school in east oakland and handed out 500 warrior backpack to the kid. he missed 40 games last season. he has to stay healthy to take a a leadership role this years if they contend for play off spot. >> had a long summer rehab. trying to make sure that be able to play the whole season injury free. wave good team coming back this year so it's up to us to get on the into and be productive. >> i get nervous even when he best to to a public school hands out don't sprain the ankle. body guards ago something. hopefully he will be fine. >> painful to watch every time. >> just the slightest thing would he roll tonight thanks very much. this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20. for all of us here thanks for watching. appreciate your time as always.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 17, Nevada 6, Abc 5, Us 5, Citibank 4, U.s. 4, News 4, Chicago 4, Clint Eastwood 3, Moore 3, New York 3, California 3, Romney 2, The City 2, Raiders 2, Falcons 2, Spencer 2, South Korea 2, Miami 2, New York City 2
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